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Search My Trash

SJ and Ivan Malekin talk Friends, Foes & Fireworks, filmmaking, reflect on older films and discuss details of new films March 2019

Pure Shit: Australian Cinema

Ivan Malekin & Sarah Jayne discuss how FF&F helped them to rediscover their love for filmmaking November 2018

Filmmaker Freedom

Ivan Malekin’s guest blog article discussing improvised filmmaking & NPG’s online Udemy course November 2018

Ramona Magazine for Girls

The latest review & a chat with director Sarah Jayne about filmmaking and female perspective October 2018

Daily Actor

Director Ivan Malekin features as guest writer, discussing his process of improvised filmmaking & how he applies it when working with actors October 2018

Articles of Antiquity

The directors Ivan Malekin & Sarah Jayne answer some questions about improvised filmmaking September 2018

Her Way

Writer and co-director of Friends, Foes & Fireworks Sarah Jayne talks to Her Way and gives an intimate look into her life and artistic journey April 2018

The Weekly Review

Myke Bartlett Interviews director Sarah Jayne leading up to the Melbourne cinema run, March 2018

Film Ink

News Article re: World Premiere. March 2018

Co-director Sarah Jayne talks to March 2018

Cinema Australia

Full Trailer announcement, Febuary 2018

Lip Mag

Rosie Hunt interviews directors Sarah Jayne & Ivan Malekin, December 2017

Reel Good

The directors answer Ten Questions, February 2017

Cinema Australia

Director Sarah Jayne Interview & exclusive BTS video drop , January 2017

We Are Moving Stories

Interview with the directors, December 2016

Film Ink

News Article, December 2016

Cinema Australia

News Article, December 2016