It’s an honour to be featured and have our writer/director/editor Ivan Malekin as the Filmmaker Freedom guest blogger for November. Ivan discusses our improvised filmmaking technique, which links back to our Udemy course and how we shot Friends, Foes & Fireworks in a single night, without a script.

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Read the informative blog via the link here, which also includes a free chapter and a direct link to the course.

Big thanks to Rob Harvey for letting NPG utilise the Filmmaker Freedom blog to talk about and share our work. Be sure to sign up the the Filmmaker Freedom newsletters, as we believe they are one of the best our there for indie filmmakers to learn the craft and get informed.


Coming in at the end of July is a review from online Entertainment site Kewel World

NPG contacted Kewel World in regards to a review and were pleased when they took on the experimental film to review. Kewel World seemed to be a site covering the horror genre, with an interest in comic book stories. However the editor informed us that they were open to review the film, and it is by coincidence that they receive a lot of horror films to review. 

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It was great to see that the reviewer actually did his research on the Mumblecore genre before watching a film style which was new territory for him. Always a bonus when people are reviewing your film which does not fit into the mainstream genres that reviewers are accustomed to, which is often the case for Mumblecore or improvised films. 

Anyway, we thank Kewel World for the 7/10 score and the honest feedback. Give the review a read here or on the Kewel World Facebook page