Friends, Foes & Fireworks Educational Debut

After filming Friends, Foes & Fireworks in a single night on New Years Eve, completely improvised, co-producers/co-directors Sarah Jayne and Ivan Malekin were approached by Alex Ferrari of Indie Film Hustle about the potential he saw in their style of filmmaking. 

Alex interviewed Ivan for Indie Film Hustle's podcast about the improvised film earlier this year and then the discussion about how NPG could take their improvised filmmaking process and share their knowledge in an education capacity transpired. 

Indie Film Hustle is all about educating and informing indie filmmakers and aspiring filmmakers about the biz. The site Alex has built is an online bible of sorts for filmmakers. Everything from interviews, courses, resources and podcasts plus much more can be found on the Indie Film Hustle website and it is a showcase of Alex's passion as well as a testament to his 20 years in the industry.

NPG teamed up with Alex to produce a video titled "How to Shoot an Improvised Feature Film in 24 Hours" through online educational site, Udemy. With Alex's assistance to launch the course after four days of shooting, plus a few months editing and a weekend in sound design, NPG are proud to say that the final product is here.

Right now you can watch 2.5 hours of talk-to-camera discussions about the entire filmmaking process - from concept to planning to filming to post to distribution - divided into 10 lessons.

NPG are thrilled that they were given the opportunity by Indie Film Hustle to share their experiences and the process they developed for improvised filmmaking while educating aspiring filmmakers. 

Click HERE to go to the Udemy site for NPG's educational video "How to Shot & Direct an Improvised Feature Film in 24 Hours". 


It is with much anticipation that Nexus Production Group announces that Friends, Foes & Fireworks has successfully achieved it's initial goal - streaming worldwide through various VOD platforms. 

From May 1st, the improvised feature film will be able to be streamed from the comfort of your own home through Ozflix, Amazon instant video and NPG's very own Vimeo on Demand platform.

Streaming May 1st

This news is a wonderful announcement for NPG to put out into the world after the successful world premiere at Classic Cinema on March 21st in Melbourne and the Encore Lido Cinema screening over the Easter long weekend . 

Watch this website for direct links to film from May 1st or join the NPG mailing list for exclusives.  


The world premiere of Friends, Foes & Fireworks took place at the Classic Cinema Elsternwick on Wednesday March 21st, followed by an Q&A with the Cast and Crew. Four of the five female cast members were in attendance and it was an engaging discussion between the audience and the crew as questions flew about the improv filmmaking process. 

Co-directors Ivan Malekin and Sarah Jayne, who flew down to Melbourne from Malta for the screening were very ecstatic to be in attendance for the films milestone event and were very happy with how the film looked on the big screen. 

 Actors and directors share a cheeky celebration at the premiere. L to R: Whitney Duff, Lara Deam, Sarah Jayne, Ivan Malekin, Genya Mik, Asleen Mauthoor.

Actors and directors share a cheeky celebration at the premiere. L to R: Whitney Duff, Lara Deam, Sarah Jayne, Ivan Malekin, Genya Mik, Asleen Mauthoor.

After the screening a positive vibe resonated in the foyer with local actors and regular moviegoers praising the film.

“In an era of superhero blockbusters and feel-good schmaltz, this is a rare, truthful film. Don’t miss it.” - Mary Costello, Audience Member

Friends, Foes & Fireworks will continue to play out its limited cinema run at the swanky Lido Cinema from March 31st, with further cinema dates to be announced during April.

This will be the one and only chance for cinema-goers to experience this unique Melbourne film on the big screen before releases on DVD and VOD platforms.

Tickets are currently on sale through Lido cinema, both online and at the cinema Box Office.

Book your tickets here through the Lido website and check back for further screening sessions from Lido for this film.